Do you want to sell your old mattress?

The Benjamin

You used your mattress and now you want to sell it to someone else. It’s just a great idea which can provide you some money as well as help you to make someone’s sleep happy. Selling a used mattress is much difficult than buying a new mattress. But yes it can be easy if you follow the step by step process. The below guide will help you to sell your old mattress in the easiest way so that you can replace it with a new mattress soon.

How to figure out a fair price for the mattress?

To figure out the mattress selling price it’s a bit tricky. So many factors are applied to your mattress while deciding a suitable price for this. First of all, determine the number of years you use it. The usage of the mattress could affect the quality as well as the firmness of the mattress. The second and most important factor is how old is the protector of the mattress? Obviously, you will sell the mattress with the protector because it is no longer useful for you’re without mattress. If you want to sale a night mattress then it will definitely put impact to decrease the cost of the mattress. The condition of the mattress is very important. If the mattress is saggy, cracked and burnt then the price will be decreased.

What you should do to increase the worth of the mattress?

You can increase the price of the mattress with the bad condition as well. What you need is just follow some points. First of all clean the mattress carefully along with its sanitization. You can also send the mattress to the laundry for cleaning and sanitization. You can also change its covers so that it will look beautiful and attractive. This will also help you to keep the mattress in the eyes of buyers for fast sale. You can also give an advertisement in the newspaper or other advertising media which can attract buyers for your mattress. So keep the things in mind while selling your mattress at good price and fast. You can also sell the mattress in walmart memory foam mattress stores who accept second hand mattresses.